Welcome to The Zone: Your Community of Support and Recovery

Empowering Your Journey Towards Wellness

At The Zone, we believe in the power of community and the strength of peer support to foster recovery and personal growth. Our services are designed to offer a supportive environment where individuals can find understanding, share experiences, and develop skills for a healthier life.

Daily Peer Support Services

Every day, we open our doors to those seeking a supportive community. Our peer support services are designed to meet you where you are in your journey towards recovery and wellness.

One-to-One Meetings

For those seeking a more personalized approach, we offer one-to-one meetings by appointment. These sessions provide an opportunity to work closely with a peer supporter on your unique challenges and goals.

Peer Support Groups

Join one of our peer support groups to connect with others who share similar experiences. Our groups focus on a variety of topics, including life skills, coping strategies, and more, providing a space for shared growth and learning.

Group of young people chilling spending time at campsite

Our Philosophy

Peer supporters are at the heart of The Zone. They are individuals who have navigated their own recovery from mental health concerns or substance use disorders and are trained to support others. Their lived experience, combined with formal training, enables them to offer unique support, share invaluable knowledge, and relate in a profoundly impactful way. This evidence-based approach has become a cornerstone of effective treatment, highlighting the importance of empathy and understanding in the recovery process.

Join Us at The Zone

Whether you’re taking the first steps on your journey to recovery or looking for ongoing support, The Zone is here for you. Our community is a place of understanding, growth, and connection. Don’t navigate your journey alone—come on by and Get In The Zone!

A Bridge to Comprehensive Care

Understanding that recovery and wellness encompass various aspects of health, The Zone serves as a bridge to more in-depth help when needed. With a therapist on-site and connections to a broad range of services at Four Rivers Behavioral Health, we ensure that comprehensive support is always within reach.